A Brief Guide to Care Different types of Fabrics

If you look inside your wardrobe, you will find various types of outfits which are made of different types of fabric. It might be Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Crepe, Silk, Linen or Jacquard or wool, or something else. Each Fabric has a unique texture and characteristic feature. For instance, the texture of cotton and silk are not the same. Therefore, you might have seen that many dresses come with fabric care instructions. However, in most cases, we tend to overlook that guideline which makes us experience a dull and lifeless look of our outfit after washing it. Apart from washing, the care instruction consists of the rules to follow while ironing the garment.

As no one wants his or her favorite attire to get damaged due to an improper way of caring, you must follow the proper guidelines for maintaining the color, appearance, and texture of your garment for a long period. No matter how expensive dress you wear, care instruction is a must-to-follow for all types of fabrics. Let’s find it out in this blog.

How to take care of your Fav Fabrics?

Cotton : Cotton fabric is one of the most commonly used fabrics used across the globe for its smooth texture and breathable nature. Especially, in the summer months, people prefer using garments made of pure cotton. But, how to maintain the lively appearance of cotton? Machine wash or regular hand-wash with any detergent can be followed. However, if you need to bleach the fabric, then consider using color-safe bleach to avoid damage to color.

While drying, keep the cotton-made garment under shade to avoid turning the cloth into yellowish.

Polyester : Polyester fabric is a synthetic fabric and therefore, it does not shrink like other delicate fabrics. Also, another advantage is that Polyester is resistant to all types of water-based stains. Though it comes with the easy-to-wash method, yet you must ensure using low heat while ironing.

Rayon : Nowadays, Rayon fabric is used widely in the textile industry and well-loved by all for its smooth texture and soft, comfortable touch. This fabric is semi-synthetic and needed to be washed in cold water with any type of mild-detergent powder. While drying, you can follow air-drying and consider ironing the garment when it remains slightly damp. This simple procedure not only maintains the texture of Rayon but also helps you to save your outfit from unwanted damage.

Linen : Linen Fabric is known for its premium quality and it is a natural fabric. The light and breezy texture of this amazing fabric is absolutely perfect for wearing in Summer. When it comes to the matter of washing, warm water, and chlorine-free bleach can be used. Also, linen is machine washable that makes it more popular among modern people. However, medium heat should be used while ironing the fabric.

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