Different Types of Fabric in the Textiles Industry

In India, there are various fabric names used in the textile industry that come in a variety of types and forms, with each type having a different texture and characteristics. We are well aware that fabrics are used in the garment industry for making clothing apparel but are also widely used in making upholstery items. Fabric is a textile industry product created by an interlocking network of threads or yarn and you can get your hands on the finest quality fabric from the best online fabric store in India. Fabrics that are used for garments are interlocked by knitting and weaving the yarns together. However, some fibers are also used to make fabric bonded by heat or chemical treatment. Mostly the fabrics are commonly classified into knitted, woven, and non-woven.

Understanding the fabric you are wearing will help you to design and sew any garment confidently. Here we have listed the most common fabrics made from natural fibers.

  1. Cotton - When we think of cotton, two words come to our minds - Lightweight and comfortable. Cotton is extremely popular due to its versatility, and affordability, and how it is the best choice to wear in the hot and humid weather of the Indian subcontinent. The fabric is made of cotton plants and the cultivation of cotton is abundant in the countries like China, the USA, and India.
  1. Silk - Known as "Resham in North India, "Pattu" in South India, and "Paat" in North East India, Silk is known as the world’s most luxurious natural fabric. Silk fabric is made from the natural fibers of the cocoons of the caterpillars that are found in China, South Asia, and Europe and has a soft, elegant, and smooth touch along with a shimmering look.
  1. Linen - Linen is a natural fabric obtained from the flax plant's fibers. The manufacturing process of linen is more difficult in comparison to cotton but it is stronger and more absorbent. It is a strong fabric but due to the low elasticity of its fibers, it tends to break if folded and ironed at the same place repeatedly.
  1. Wool - As we are all aware, wool is made from the fur of animals like sheep. Australia is known as the leading manufacturer of wool followed by China and New Zealand. Wool is widely known for preventing heat transfer and hence it is used by people for insulation in colder regions. It also has water and sound-absorbing properties that make it an ideal choice for winter.
  1. Jute - Jute is a vegetable fabric similar to cotton obtained from a plant. Jute fiber is created from the fibers of the Jute plant. It is easy and affordable to produce and India is the leading producer of Jute followed by Bangladesh. Jute is not widely used in the garment industry but is widely used in the household items like rope, sacks, bags, chairs, or rugs.

We hope this article has provided you with a better understanding of the variety of natural fabric types available in the market. With a huge variety of fabrics being introduced over time, it is vital to pay attention to the changing trends and innovate with them. If you are in search of high-quality, handpicked fabrics, then Sahni Fabs is at your service. From majestic silk to printed cotton fabric, we have got you covered. Check out our collection and place an order to get your fabrics delivered to the comfort of your home.

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