Sewing With Cotton Canvas Fabric – HERE are The TIPS!

Cotton canvas is one of the heavy to mid-weight, heavy-duty and plain-weave fabrics that allows you to work with absolute joy. It is commonly preferred due to its water-resistance ability.

Formerly promoted as an excellent sailcloth material and painting medium, cotton canvas has made its way in applications for varieties of purposes. Bags, tents, tarps, jackets, pants, upholstery covers, handbags and shoes are a few of them to mention.

When sewing with cotton canvas fabric (especially if it’s the first time working with this fabric), you will need some ideas, information and knowledge about sewing to make your project a success. So, all you need to do is reading this blog up to the end.

Let’s start.

Black Orange Pineapple Design Cotton Canvas Fabric

Tips for Sewing Cotton Canvas Fabric

Since the fabric is tough, it may be challenging for you to sew with it. A few tips will make sure the sewing project moves smoothly, releasing a lot of hassle. Hence, these are some tips to help you:

1. Storing the fabric 

Before sewing cotton canvas fabric, you will need to store it. And the best way to do so is to roll it. Some would say they can store it by folding. Well, this may put impossible to remove creases, making it even tougher to sew when you get ready to start the sewing project.

2. Needles

The tougher the needle, the better it is to sew with cotton canvas fabric. If you look for a good needle, the one to mention over others is the denim or jeans needle. You can also try the heavy-duty universal needle.

3. Thread

The point to keep in mind is that the thread should be designed to complement sewing the heavy-duty fabrics. When it comes to the tread to use sewing cotton canvas fabric, you have three good choices. And those three options are - tough cotton, polyester, and cotton covered polyester thread.

4. Stitch length

It is said that the perfect length for cotton canvas fabric is 3.0 to 3.5, especially if you are sewing over more than one layer. A longer stitch length creates a better-looking pattern for this fabric.

5. Clips, not pins

Unlike light and thinner fabric, it is tough to keep cotton canvas pinned in place. A heavy-duty fabric like this is hard to pin as well. But there is the solution – you can use tape or clips instead of pins. These are easy to easy as well as attach this fabric better.

6. Ironing

Another difficult part is ironing cotton canvas. Let us share a trick – use some sprinkle of water on the fabric, let it soak in and then use the highest heat to iron. Move the iron stroke frequently over areas with wrinkles to avoid scorch as well as get the ironing done perfectly. Another option is to use a damp cloth between the fabric and iron.

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