Your Guide to Polyester Fabric: Explore the Look and Comfort

Silk, Linen, Cotton – when it comes to fashion fabrics, the market has varieties of options to offer, including these. With their own history and unique characters, these fabrics have gained popularity that none can’t deny. Anyway, most of these fabrics are divided into two different categories, such as:

1. Natural fabrics (such as linen and silk)

2. Synthetic fabrics (such as neoprene and spandex/lycra).

And one of the most popular fashion fabrics you must know is Polyester Fabric. Get details below.

What is Polyester Fabric?

Let’s start by knowing what polyester fabric actually is or denotes.

Polyester is also popular as polyethene terephthalate is a synthetic woven fabric loved by people or wearers because of its durability and its inexpensive production and selling price. Similar to any other fabric, polyester fabric also has a history but is comparatively shorter than others.

In 1941, British chemists invented this fabric and first brought it by DuPont, USA. And then, in 1970, this fabric rose in popularity as a budget-friendly option for suiting and more clothing and clothing of several kinds.

Now, both polyester and polyester blends have turned into one of the best types of synthetic fabrics. In fact, it is one of the most picked manmade fabrics throughout the world.

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What Is Polyester Fabric Made Of?

Polyester is a synthetic or manmade fabric made from the polymerization of petroleum-derived ethylene glycol and purified terephthalic acid, meltdown to yield PET (polyethene terephthalate). The manufacturing process then pushes the molten PET through the spinneret and generate semi-crystalline fibres. These semi-fibres is often chemically treated before getting weaved together and ultimately produce polyester fabric.

The Characteristics of Polyester Fabric

As already stated, each fabric has its exceptional set of characteristics that help determine the best possible use of the fabric. Below are some characteristics of Polyester you should know.


While natural fibres are likely to pill, stretch and tear, Polyester is incredibly strong. That’s why polyester doesn’t stretch, pill or tear easily, even without special care. And these all indicate - this fibre is ideal for any purpose, especially for a regular outfit.

It retains its shape:

Unlike linen and cotton that retain wrinkles and requires ironing before wearing them on, people love polyester because of its wrinkle-resistant ability. It means the fabric is better in holding rigidity drape and shape.


This fibre has the ability to resist liquid droplets. It means your clothing is made of polyester, rather wick away the moisture than soak them up.

It’s typically non-biodegradable:

This synthetic fabric is far from getting broken down by overuses and time. It is generally biodegradable.

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How Does Polyester Fabric Feel?

Natural fabrics, such as silk, wool, cotton and cotton blends, are popular for being soft. Polyester, on the contrary, is not that soft. But the weaving technique to create the fabric makes the difference in the softness of this fabric. It can range in texture (when used thick yarn) to comparatively smooth (when used thin yarn).

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