Fabric Buying Guide: Here’s How to Choose the Best One

Fabric is the prime element of an outfit. It is also denoted as the dress material on which the quality of a dress depends. If you visit a textile showroom, you will find out a wide range of fabrics available in different textures, patterns, and of course colors.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, while buying fabric, you must think about a few things. For instance- how the material will feel against the skin, how it will be while sewing, how the dress will look, and how the fabric will drape on one’s body. Along with these, you should not forget to pay attention to the color, and design of the dress material. So, don’t make hurry when you buy fabric.

Here, we’re going to share some handy tips to choose the best fabric.

Know about Fabrics

Though you don’t need to be an expert, yet you should have an understanding of different types of Fabrics. Commonly, the fabrics are categorized as Synthetic textile and Natural textile. CottonSilk, Linen, Wool are a few examples of natural textiles. Acrylic, Polyester, Nylon, Rayon are the names of Synthetic fabric. For tailored clothes, woven fabric is considered to be the best while Knits are known to be perfect to make fitting clothes.

Apart from these classifications, the fabrics are distinguished as embroidered, woven, printed, stitched, and dyed. Also, the weight of the fabric is an important factor to consider while purchasing fabric for any dress.

Know about the characteristics of fabric

Every fabric has its own characteristic feature and depending on that, we decide the suitability of fabric to an outfit. In summer, people prefer to wear breathable natural textiles whereas we look for thick and heavyweight fabric in winter.

Also, there’s a difference between regular wear and the dress for special occasions. For instance- Wedding dress material and daily wear cloth material are not similar. Therefore, we must think about the suitability of fabric while buying.

Don’t forget about shrinkage

Just a moment! Have you thought of the shrinkage of fabrics? This characteristic feature differs from one cloth to the other. If you want a fabric that does not get twisted out of the shape, you need to check the anti-twist label on the dress material.

Color plays a pivotal role

First, you need to consider whether the color suits your skin tone. It is suggested to purchase the fabric in bright daylight so that you can understand the original color tone and it will help you to avoid further mistakes. However, if you buy fabric online, you should check the color in ‘Zoom In’ mode so that you can visualize the color and pattern clearly.

Make purchases from reputed online store

To buy premium quality and authentic fabric, you must shop from a renowned online store instead of making a random purchase.

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