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    Unveil on exquisite collection of unstitched Shirt Fabric at Sahni Fabs

    Unleash your creativity with our exclusive collection, where charm and creative liberty come together. Our versatile selection of unstitched shirt fabric allows you to customise your Shirt as per your unique style and preferences. You could be experimenting with an ensemble or a fashion lover; our shirt fabric lets you enter the world of fashion opportunities. Choose from an extensive range of patterns, colours, and textures – from vibrant designs to elegant embroideries, the options are endless.

    Get ready to mix and match fabrics to create a unique outfit.

    Find printed cotton shirt fabric at Sahni Fabs, where our team extends only beautiful and quality fabric – you can design a perfect sleeve length, neckline, and fit to suit your body shape that brings out your personal style. In addition to that, you can accessorise the overall look with trims, buttons, and embellishments for an individual touch. When you stitch your own Shirt, you are armed with full control over the materials used and design chosen, ensuring ethical production. Design a new shirt for your next event; consider exploring our collection of unstitched fabric for shirts and get ready to embrace your unique style.

    Benefits of buying shirt fabric online

    Listed below are some of the amazing benefits of investing in shirt fabric material:
    1. Customisation: Unstitched shirt fabric allows you to personalise style as per your preferences and fit.
    2. Versatility: With a variety of fabric choices, colours and patterns available, shirt cloth allows you to mix and match – creating unique styles.
    3. Sustainability: Choosing an unstitched fabric encourages green fashion by simply reducing waste. Use the material required for your Shirt, minimising environmental impact.
    4. Affordability: Men’s shirt fabric offers incredible value for money, unlike pre-stitched shirts, allowing budget flexibility.


    1. Tailor-Made Shirts: Stitch the fabric as per your fit, consider the measurements and create perfectly fitted clothing that complements your look.
    2. Mix up & Match: Blend unstitched fabric material to create exquisite shirts with contrasting textures, colours, and patterns.
    3. Excellent Experimenting: Explore all collars and cuffs to bring a sense of personalisation and sophistication to your Shirt.
    4. Embellish: Use fabrics to create layered shirts that complement your ensemble while adding details such as buttons, patches, embroidery, and whatnot.

    Maintenance Tips for Shirt

    1. Wash Colours Separately: Sort shirts by colours to prevent the case of dye transfer.
    2. Follow Wash Instructions: Read the label demanding specific washing instructions. Use the right water temperature and set the mode to gentle.
    3. Avoid using harsh chemicals: Use mild detergents and avoid bleaching your fabrics.
    4. Handle with Care: Turn your shirts inside out when you wash them to reduce friction and avoid twisting the fabric.


    Our exclusive collection boasts impeccable quality offering a regal and comfortable experience. Craft your fabric with precision and attention to detail, and wrap yourself in an elegant and charming ensemble. With our range of fabrics, embrace this opportunity to create stunning designs. From dress shirts to casual and formal shirts, use your creativity and unleash incredible designs that exhibit your personal flair.