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    LACE fabric - Everything You Need To Know About

    The lace fabric is an intricate and delicate textile that has enchanted people for ages. This material withstands the test of time and has transformed itself with changing trends and evolved into a timeless symbol of grace and elegance.

    This fabric is a remarkable textile that is classified by its intricate patterns of holes and design motifs. It is made by twisting, looping, and in many cases braiding threads, with the use of bobbins or needles, to create a sheer fabric.

    The process of crafting lace is a form of art, with various techniques like needle lace, bobbin lace, and crochet lace to create these exquisite designs. The lace fabric is all about romanticizing while standing tall as a popular choice for elegant attire & décor.

    Major Uses Of LACE Fabric In Daily Life

    Fashion ‚Äď Lace fabric holds a major position in the world of fashion. Its ability to blend classic beauty with cutting-edge elegance makes it a perfect choice for everyone. Lace is often opted for bridal gowns, lingerie, evening dresses and chic clothing. Their intricate detailing makes them a subtle yet statement piece.

    Home D√©cor ‚Äď Lace fabric is not limited to clothing ‚Äď they paved their way into home d√©cor ages ago. From lace curtains that beautifully filter the sunlight to gorgeous lace tablecloths that bring a sense of luxury to your house. Anything that touches lace fabric turns into a vintage charm.

    Accessories ‚Äď Great fabric for accessorising, adorn your ensemble with lace scarves, handbags, shawls, hand gloves, veils, socks and whatnot. They elevate a simple outfit and bring a sense of grace and femininity.

    Benefits Of LACE Fabric

    Classic Beauty ‚Äď Lace brings a sense of sophistication and elegance, which makes it a perfect choice for upscale events.

    Breathability ‚Äď Known for its openwork design that allows air to circulate, making it a perfect choice for warm-weather clothing and lingerie.

    Versatility ‚Äď Lace fabric can be used for various styles from vintage to cutting-edge, which makes them ideal for clothing and d√©cor.

    Timeless Appeal ‚Äď Lace exudes an eternal quality that never goes out of style, ensuring the item remains fashionable for generations to come.

    Sheer Beauty ‚Äď The delicate and see-through nature of lace brings a sense of sensuality and beauty to any design.

    Types Of LACE Fabric Available In Sahni Fabs

    S No.




    Polyester Leaf Design

    Bring a sense of romance and elegance to your items be it clothing or curtains.


    Polyester Floral

    Known for its feminine allure, floral lace is the best-suited choice for bridal wear, evening gowns, and more.


    Greige Cotton Chevron

    This lace fabric makes a perfect choice for designing tablecloths and other home decor items.


    Polyester Abstract Design

    We finely crafted fabric in an elegant web-like pattern, adorned with abstract, geometric patterns, and floral.

    General Care of LACE Fabric

    Since they are delicate and intricate, lace fabric material demands special care:

    Hand Wash: It is advised to opt for gentle hand wash for lace garments to prevent damage. Use cold water and mild detergents.

    Avoid Friction: You must be cautious with sharp objects as they may damage the delicate lace.

    Drying: Lace items should be laid flat to dry to maintain their shape.

    Storage: Store lace items separately in a safe manner to avoid snagging or tearing. Consider using tissue paper to protect the fabric.

    Ironing: Use a low heat setting and a pressing cloth when ironing lace to prevent damage from direct heat.

    How To Style Yourself With LACE Fabric

    Casual Chic ‚Äď For an everyday casual look. Pair a lace top with shorts or jeans. It is advised to go for light and pastel-coloured lace for a fresh vibe.

    Romantic Elegance ‚Äď Achieve a romantic and elegant look with a lace cocktail dress for formal events. You can complete the ensemble with classic heels and minimal accessories.

    Boho Vibes ‚Äď Combine lace with other boho elements, such as floral prints and fringe for a trendy, laid-back look. A lace kimono or a lace maxi dress can be a perfect choice.

    Layering ‚Äď Add lace into your layering game by wearing lace kimonos, cardigans or vests over basic outfits to add a touch of elegance and texture.

    Lingerie ‚Äď Embrace the lingerie as an outwear trend by layer lace camisoles or bralettes under thick blazers or sheer blouses.

    Buy Different Types Of LACE Fabric Online In India Here At Sahni Fabs

    The lace fabric material is a timeless and versatile textile that enhances fashion, decor, and accessories. Its intricate beauty, breathability, and elegance make it a cherished choice for many.

    With the right care and creative styling, lace fabric can add an element of grace and charm to your daily life, making you feel as though you've stepped into a world of enduring elegance. Explore our extensive collection and buy the one that speaks to you!