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    Go back in time with Sahni Fabs' classic polka dots

    Want to travel back in time? You don’t need a time travel machine to step in, all you require is the funky fashion of the past - polka dots! So take a trip down memory lane with Sahni Fabs' classic polka dot fabric! Inspired by the timeless style of the past, these delightful dots bring a touch of vintage charm to any attire. Our premium quality polka dots cotton fabric enables you to infuse retro flair into your creations. Transport to a bygone era by purchasing our exquisite collection of polka. Are you curious to know more about the classic fiber, continue reading:

    What are the various ways in which polka dot fabric is used in fashion? 

    History repeats itself in the fashion world and polka dot material is a classic example of it. These evergreen dots will continue to be a popular choice as they add a whimsical touch with their timeless charm and playful vibe in everything. Due to their unmatched versatility, they can be used -

    - In a range of attire from casual to formal like dresses, blouses, shirts, skirts, pants, etc.
    - Creating fun and playful accessories such as scarves, hats, bags, shoes, etc.,
    - In-home furnishings such as curtains, pillows, bedding, etc.

    Different Designs in Polka dot Fabrics at Sahni fabric



    Multicolor Polka Dots Printed

    Ideal for adding a playful and lively touch to various clothing or decor projects

    Polyester Crepe Polka Dots

    Offers a smooth and textured surface with polka dots, combining style and comfort

    Polyester Chiffon Polka Dots

    Delicate and sheer fabric with polka dots, perfect for creating ethereal and feminine outfits or accessories

    Rayon Polka Dots

    Provides a soft and draping quality, making it suitable for flowy and comfortable garments

    Cotton Print Polka Dots

    Offers a classic and versatile option for various projects, from clothing to home decor

    What are the factors to consider when buying polka dot fabric online?

    Polka dots are fun and playful. However, like any pattern, you need to keep a few do's and don'ts in mind when you buy polka dot fabric online India. We have mentioned a few factors below:

    1. Size - Polka dot sizes can range from very small seed dots to large dots. Consider the overall look you're going for and make sure the scale of the dots fits.

    2. Fabric type - Polka dot fabric comes in various fabric types like cotton, silk, voile, etc. The fabric you choose impacts the drape, feel, and functionality. Cotton may be more casual while silk is dressier.

    3. Quality - As with any fabric, higher quality polka dot material will last longer and hold up better. Examine product details and reviews to assess quality.

    4. Color - The color of the dots compared to the background impacts the overall look and feel. High-contrast dots tend to be bolder. Make sure the colorway aligns with your vision.

    5. Pattern Scale - Polka dot patterns can be evenly spaced or more playful and irregular. Consider the repeat size and how that will coordinate with garment pieces.

    Common mistakes people make when caring for polka dot fabric

    If you don’t want the fiber to lose its retro charm, consider avoiding the below-mentioned mistakes: 

    - Washing in hot water or drying on high heat, causes the material to shrink or lose its shape.
    - Using harsh detergents or bleach might fade or damage the fiber's color and texture.
    - Not reading care instructions properly and using inappropriate cleaning methods.
    - Rubbing or scrubbing the material too vigorously may cause damage to the surface.
    - Not keeping the fiber properly, leads to wrinkles, creases, or discoloration over time.

    Buy polka dot fabric online From Sahni Fabrics

    Want to add polka fiber to your cart, visit Sahni Fabs’ online store. Our online store features a wide range of high-quality polka dot fibers in various colors, styles, and materials to fit your need. With fast and reliable shipping, you can have your fiber delivered right to your doorstep. So, why wait? Browse our collection today, and relive the popular past in style. 

    Happy Shopping!