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    Benefits of using cotton Fabric

    Cotton fabric is one of the most generally used materials in the world. This textile is chemically organic, meaning it contains no synthetic mixtures. Cotton fabric is emanated from the fibers surrounding the seeds of cotton plants.

    1. Breathable- Unlike most synthetic fabrics, cotton soaks the sweat from your body and allows it to fade into the air. It works like a towel, wicking the moisture out from your skin and averting the growth of bacteria and yeast. It's the finest fabric for exercise clothes, underwear, and sleepwear.

    2. Soft- Cotton is a smooth and springy fabric that is easy to wear, especially during summer.

    3. Insulating- Cotton does not drive temperature well, making it an insulator. It retains the cool in summer and warmth in winter, allowing you to be comfy year-round.

    4. Natural- While synthetic fabrics are fabricated with chemicals, cotton is a natural fabric that does not upset the skin.

    5. Non-allergenic- Cotton fabrics do not provoke skin allergies, so they are advised for people with sensitive skin. This fabric is also one of the causes of why bandages and gauze are created with cotton.

    6. Powerful- Cotton fibers are spun into a fast, potent, long-lasting yarn. It is stain-repellent and is 30 percent stronger when damp to withstand several washes.

    7. Versatile- There are wide varieties of cloth made with cotton fiber. These include denim, corduroy, and designs like Ikat, printed cotton, canvas, and more. Cotton is a dyeable material, making it functional in diverse, vivid colors.

    Factors to Consider When Buying Cotton Fabric Online

    1.Quality of the fabric- Before buying, you must feel it against your skin and consider whether it is good quality. The material must be blemish-free, especially regarding dye, print, fibers, tears, etc. The quality should be perfect because if the fabric has flaws, it will reflect on your garment.

    2.Type of Fabric- Cotton Fabrics are categorized as natural, synthetic, or a blend of both. Materials with a natural and synthetic fibers combination are also ideal for making clothes as long as they are in excellent condition. So, ask yourself whether to buy genuine, manufactured fabrics that blend both. Natural materials are more expensive than synthetic ones, so scroll properly before buying.

    3.Select The Right Material- Do you know that the base material of fabric comes from different materials such as Polyester, cotton, wool, velvet, and many more? Before buying fabrics, ensure you are picking the right material.

    4.Focus on instructions- Before purchasing cotton fabrics, you should check the instructions on how to take care of the fabric. It is essential to improve the longevity of the garment. Some fabrics require dry cleaning, some require hand washing, and others need not iron. So, be cautious about it.

    Instructions for washing and drying Cotton Fabric

    1.Washing- Review the label to see if machine washing, hand washing, or dry cleaning is best. If the machine is, use the suitable wash cycle. Try to Avoid fabric softeners, as this can dampen the finish.

    2.Water Temperature- Wash in warm or cool water to contain shrinking and fading. Don't use boiling water, as washing cotton in hot water can force it to shrink.

    3.Drying- Cotton fabrics can be air-dried or machine-dried operating moderate-to-low heat. High heat can push cotton fibers to shrink.

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