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    Characteristics of Spun Fabric

    Are you seeking a versatile, long-established fabric that can withstand the elements? It can be easily cleaned and worn as Indian attire or western and is inexpensive. Precisely, Spun polyester may be the suitable fabric for you. So, let's scroll down to learn what spun polyester is and what makes it different.
    Spun polyester is a synthetic fabric made by spinning standard polyester fibers into yarn. The yarn fabricates threads in contrasting sizes determined by the material used.
    Spun polyester is a distinctive polyester, akin to regular polyester in some ways and incompatible in others.

    There are some characteristics of spun polyester that make it a great fabric.

    1.Rain or Shine Fabric
    Spun is often termed a "four-seasoned" fabric. This means it can withstand being left outside in all types of weather without destruction. Items of polyester can endure those sunny, rainy, or frosty days and still look as good as before.
    2.Durable in Nature
    All spun fabrics are usually resilient, but since spun poly is an all-weather fabric, it is incredibly enduring. It pulls apart slowly and can stand up to a lot of use. The garments stitched with A-grade spun polyester fabric can last years with utmost care.
    One of the most important qualities when choosing a fabric is how the material feels. Spun has a glassy and creamy texture that resembles cotton, a natural fiber.
    Polyester and cotton blends make the fabric softer than average polyester but share both fibers' qualities. With spun polyester, you get all the polyester classifications and the softness of cotton without sacrificing the endurance that natural fibers sometimes lack.
    When fabrics are considered all-weather, they don't just bear rain and snow but also the sun's heat. Spun polyester is colorfast, holding onto color, and won't fade when left outside on hot, sunny days.
    Colorfast fabrics also don't fade when washed, and their colors won't bleed onto other clothes. You don't have to worry about items made with spun looking dull or dingy; they will continue to look bright and vibrant for a long time.

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    The different type of spun fabric are:

    1. Abstract Design Printed Polyester Spun Fabric.

    2. Paisley Design Printed Polyester Spun Fabric.

    How is Spun Fabric different from Others?

    1.Wrinkle and Shrink Resistance
    Unlike other fabrics, Spun fabric is resistant to wrinkling and shrinking.
    2. Softer
    With spun polyester, you get all the polyester qualities and the softness of cotton without sacrificing the durability that natural fibers sometimes lack. This quality makes this fabric standout from the other ones.

    Care and Maintenance of Spun Fabric

    1. Wash-Resistant ā€“ Spun can be washed in hot water several times, saving its strength or color. This quality makes it ideal for use on garments where frequent washing may occur.
    2. Gentle Care ā€“ When used with dry cleaning machines, the fibers have an anti-slip coat that prevents static build-up. They also repel dust mites to avoid attracting them like regular cotton fabrics.
    3. Washable ā€“ Unlike most synthetic materials, polyester does not shrink after repeated washes.
    4. Wrinkle-resistant ā€“ Spun polyester has high wrinkle-resistant properties because of its unusual form.

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