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    Tips for Working with Velvet Fabric

    Velvet cloth material is a smooth, comfy fabric used in Indian wear, upholstery, and other textile applications. Due to how high-priced it was to nourish velvet textiles in the past, this Fabric is often associated with the upper crust. Even though most types of contemporary velvet are full of impurities with cheap synthetic materials, this peculiar Fabric remains one of the polished, softest artificial materials ever concocted. So, the tips you should follow while working with velvet cloth material are:

    1. Try using simple, unfitted styles.
    2. Always cut from the wrong side.
    3. Avoid crushing the velvet pile
    4. Hang before hemming

    Buy Different types of velvet fabric online

    Over the years, boatloads of diverse types of velvet fabric have been available online. Below are the handful of velvet fabrics online that is classically used in the garment industry:

    1. Chiffon velvet
    This type of velvet cloth material is famously known as transparent velvet. The embossed velvet form is the USP and is popular in formal garments and eveningwear.

    2. Crushed velvet
    It is one of the most diverse forms of velvet; crushed velvet offers a fine texture that can be attained by either pressing or twisting the Fabric when wet. Rather than having a uniform surface, crushed velvet rises and falls in an organic and visually fascinating way. This kind of velvet looks good in elegant dresses or classy costumes.

    3. Hammered velvet
    It is considered to be one of the most dazzling forms of velvet. This type of velvet cloth material has been firmly pressed or smashed rather than crushed. Widely considered the most luxurious velvets, it provides an incredible way to make your outfit look extravagant.

    4. Velour Fabric
    This Fabric is commonly used in clothing such as tracksuits, sweaters, shirts, blouses, jackets, and pants and is a hit among girls in the winter season. You can get a wide variety of this velvet fabric online.

    Choosing the Right Velvet Fabric Online

    One of the most important things is to choose the suitable velvet Fabric online. The factors that you should keep in mind while you buy velvet fabric online:

    1. Fibre Type
    Velvet Fabric is either made out of natural, synthetic, or a combination of both. The properties of each of these velvets vary depending on their type. When choosing the best velvet fabric for your next garment, combining these fibers is usually a fair bet.

    2. Resistant to Color Fading
    Usually, dark, bold, and natural velvet fabrics fade faster than any other fabric. When choosing the best velvet fabric for garments, consider the weather and the time you will wear it. If you wear it during day time, it is advisable to opt for a synthetic or lighter-colored velvet fabric.

    3. Fabric Weave
    Depending upon its usage, figuring out the specific type of weave helps determine the best velvet fabric. In general, tight weave fabrics outlive loose weave ones. Additionally, woven fabrics last longer than printed fabrics in garments.

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