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    Uses of Sequins Fabric

    It's a type of fabric embellished with sequins. These are sparkly, glittering circular flakes with a hole in the middle to make clothing with them. While it's uncommon, some have sequin glued to the fabric.

    The use of sequin fabrics are:

    Sequin fabric is used for different garments along with other products.

    1. Day-to-day wear
    You may use sequins fabric to give your skirts and dresses a mint appearance. The material is also used in traditional Indian dressings.

    2. Home Décor
    The sequins fabric is an incredible choice for various coverings, including window coverings, bed covers, pillowcases, wall art, etc.

    Types of Sequin Fabric:

    1. Sequin Fabric with a backing of Knit Fabric
    It has stretched property, and the cut edges are no-fray so it could lack a hem. These featherweight fabrics, such as gowns, jackets, skirts, etc., are most commonly used for dressmaking.

    2. Sequin Net Fabric
    Sequin Net Fabric includes mesh and lace. It is a translucent fabric with typically no-wear-away edges and a meager stretch.

    3. Sequins Fabric with Embroidery
    Embroidered sequin fabric is slightly tailored in intricate designs and patterns onto the backing fabric. This type of sequin fabric is seamless for layering over other materials to create whimsical dresses or veils, as the backing fabric is usually see-through.

    4. Sequins on Lace
    Lace sequins fabrics are garnished with various sequins fabrics to emphasize the style and design of the lace. They can be both stretched and non-stretch, so it is an impeccable thing to check, so you know whether they will fray or not. You can shop our best collection online of sequins fabric perfect for making skirts, shirts, maxis, etc.

    5. Sequin Fabric with a Woven Backing
    Woven fabrics include organza, taffeta, challis, and other materials. Woven sequins fabric has no stretch and has fray edges. These fabrics can be transparent, but you should take care of the hems and seams because the fray can be tricky.

    6. Georgette Sequin Fabric

    A semi-sheer or sheer woven fabric with an uneven texture. They are made from viscose, silk, or polyester and are used to make all types of garments— georgette sequin fabric is perfect for Sarees, Anarkalis, Salwar Kameez, Kurtis, and Lehengas.

    General care instructions for Sequins Fabric

    1. One can gently wash in cold water and set the pin speed at a minimum to avoid a blow to sequins material.
    2. Use a gentle detergent and avoid constant rubbing.
    3. Delicately squeeze the excess water out of the fabric.
    4. Avoid ironing on the surface of the fabric. You can only iron on the backside of the cloth.

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