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    Experience the exquisite charm of Ikat Fabric online with Sahni Fabs

    Some kinds of clothes simply transport you to a world of rich traditions, vibrant colors, and exquisite beauty and Ikat is one of them. Just a glance at this remarkable textile can take you on a journey of creativity and inspiration. For unmatched quality, Sahni Fabs' Ikat fabric is the epitome of  craftsmanship. Every thread in our Ikat fiber collection tells a tale of passion, skill, and artistry. From the vibrant hues of Southeast Asian Ikat to the bold patterns of South American Ikat, our collection is a celebration of diversity, culture, and creativity. You can use it to craft your own fashion statement, home decor, or accessories. So come and step into the world of Sahni Fabs' Ikat Fabric, where every thread is a work of art and every weave is a story waiting to be told. But before moving any further, let's understand - 

    What is ikat fabric? 

    Ikat is an exceptional textile art that involves a dyeing process to achieve intricate patterns. 

    Originating in Southeast Asia, the term ‘ikat’ comes from the Indonesian word ‘mengikat,’ which means ‘to tie’ or ‘to bind.’ The technique involves tying and dyeing the threads before weaving them into the fiber, resulting in intricate and vibrant patterns. Ikat has a rich cultural history, dating back to ancient times, and has been produced in various countries, including Indonesia, India, and Japan. 

    It has gained popularity worldwide for its bold and playful designs. With its durability and easy care, it is used in a variety of applications, from clothing and accessories to home decor.

    Types of Ikat Fabrics



    Warp Ikat

    Patterns are created by dyeing the warp threads (vertical threads) before weaving. Designs may appear blurry or feathered.

    Weft Ikat

    Patterns are formed by dyeing the weft threads (horizontal threads) before weaving. Patterns run across the width of the fabric.

    Double Ikat

    Both warp and weft threads are dyed with intricate patterns before weaving. Requires high precision and skill to align patterns.

    Single Ikat

    Either warp or weft threads are dyed with patterns, while the other set remains plain. Simpler than double ikat.

    Patola Ikat

    A special type of double ikat from India, known for its rich colors and intricate geometric designs. Highly prized for craftsmanship.

    What is the difference between ikat and tie-dye? 

    While ikat and tie-dye share some similarities, they are distinct textile arts with different techniques and styles: 

    - Ikat involves tying and dyeing threads before weaving them into the fiber, while tie-dye involves binding and twisting the textile before dyeing it.
    - Ikat results in intentional and intricate patterns, while tie-dye often produces more random and abstract designs.
    - Ikat is a traditional textile art that originated in Southeast Asia, while tie-dye has roots in many cultures and has gained popularity worldwide.

    Both techniques offer a mesmerizing aesthetic and are used in a variety of applications, from clothing to furnishings and accessories.

    What is the best way to care for ikat fabric? 

    You've got amazing ikat material - congrats! But how do you keep it looking fabulous? Read below mentioned tips to preserve its charm: 

    - Check the care label and follow any specific instructions.
    - Hand wash in cold water using a mild detergent.
    - Avoid soaking for extended periods and wringing or twisting the fabric.
    - Rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze out excess water.
    - Air dry in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight and heat sources. Iron on a low setting while the fabric is still slightly damp.

    How do you know if an ikat fabric is authentic? 

    Authentic ikat fibers are traditionally handwoven textiles that feature a special dyeing technique where the threads are tie-dyed before being woven into the fiber. This creates intricate, colorful patterns that are characteristic of Ikat. To determine the authenticity of the textile, look for the following features:

    - Look for a slightly blurred or feathered pattern at the edges of the design.
    - Check if the pattern is visible on the back of the fabric.
    - Inspect the weave for slight irregularities, such as variations in tension or thickness.
    - Authentic ikat fibers are typically handwoven, so look for imperfections that indicate it was made by a human, not a machine.
    - Check the material composition, as traditional ikat textiles are made from natural fibers like silk or cotton. With that being said, Sahni Fabs’ Cotton ikat fabric is one of the selling fibers.
    - Feel the fiber for a soft, slightly textured finish.
    - Authentic ikat fibers are often made by skilled artisans, so look for any labels or indications of where it was produced, as this can give a clue to their authenticity.

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