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Fleece Fabric

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    How is Fleece Fabric Used?

    Fleece is an artificial wonder product if there is such a thing. Despite being named after the 'fleece' coat on a sheep, it's 100% synthetic and derived from plastic rather than a fluffy sheep's skin – despite being fuzzy to the touch. This magic material is super soft, warm and breathable, which makes it perfect for outerwear and all things cosy.

    This fabric is ideal for everything from ear-warmers for baby calves to underwear for astronauts. The material's versatility makes it the most consumed fabric in the garment industry today.

    Also, it is a hit among athletic garments. The cloth wicks sweat and moisture away from the body, keeping athletes dry while letting air circulate through the fibres. It is also famous for maintaining odours from sweating at bay.The short pile fabric increases the body temperature against the skin, making Fleece the go-to fabric for warming Winter garments. Coats, scarves, gloves, and blankets are often made from this lovely cosy material to create long-lasting and extra-warm Winter wear.

    Choose the right type of Fleece Fabric Online

    1.Lycra Spandex Fleece
    When you think of lycra and spandex, you can expect them to be stretchy. Lycra spandex fleece is also a flexible version of the fleece fabric, and its stretchiness can give garments a more fitted, closer feel and look.

    2. Polyester Fleece
    As one of the most synthetic fabrics, polyester fleece was designed to imitate wool. It is even an improvement on cotton-made fibre due to its durability. Polyester fleece is also unlikely to shrink when washed, is moisture-resistant, and is quick to dry, further improving cotton-made fibre. This type of fleece fabric is quite good with winter wear, such as sweaters and scarves, as you would expect wool to be.

    3. Microfleece
    The most lightweight and thinnest is the one with micro in its name. This Fleece can weigh as little as 200 grams per square meter or even less, meaning it is comfortable to wear as it fails to entertain you. Due to their flexible property, Microfleece can be worn as a base layer or over your clothes. As it is lighter, you can anticipate microfleece to lack the insulation of other fleece fabrics yet be more breathable. That breathability makes it more suitable for jackets, shirts, activewear, and bathrobes.

    4.Polar Fleece
    If you are looking for a durable fleece fabric, there's nothing better than polar Fleece. It is used in apparel and clothing because it stays so long.

    How to care for fleece fabric

    1. Wash your Fleece in cold water on the delicate or hand wash cycle and simply air dry. Avoid bleach and fabric softener.
    2. Gently roll a lint roller over the item before putting it into the machine to help catch more significant pieces of dust, lint, and dirt before washing.
    3. Avoid ironing your fleece items to keep the garment in good condition and soft.
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