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Scuba Fabric

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    Importance of Scuba Fabric in Fashion

    Scuba fabric is a double-knit material composed of spandex and polyester. Double knit means this fabric was produced with multiple sets of needles simultaneously, merging two layers. Scuba material has a soft texture, a good gauge thread, and a narrowly springy feel. This fabric can vary in its thickness, making it work for a wide variety of clothing assignments. It also crops efficiently and has a warm, sturdy layout, indicating not adding a lining while making warmer garments. This contemporary fabric holds dye well and can be worn with bold, attractive prints to serve your exceptional taste. This fabric works ideally for both fitted dresses and longer draping gowns.
    If you're seeking a stable, adaptable, customizable material, scuba fabric ticks the boxes!. It is well-known for being sturdy and trendy in the fashion industry. With this material, you can construct professional-quality dresses, and it does not need lining, extra finishing, or hemming.

    It's an alternative to rubber, and the scuba knit fabric is stretchable and elastic, making it perfect for tight-fitting sportswear.

    The fabric has an elegant and soothing look.

    Scuba has a fluid drape which makes it ideal for western garments.

    4.Medical Use
    Scuba fabric is used in consumer and industrial applications. For example, this kind of textile is commonly used in the medical field in diverse forms and is often used as cushioning in cases utilized for medical devices. Neoprene gloves have become increasingly standard as the medical industry has evolved to be more prudent to the needs of latex-allergic patients.

    How to Work with Scuba Fabric

    It is used in the making of Wetsuits, scuba suits, gowns, tops, swimsuits, etc.

    It is used in making accessories such as Neoprene gloves, hose covers, power transformers, etc.

    Explanation of how to care for and maintain scuba fabric

    1. Clean the fabric at around 30 to 40-degree temperature.
    2. Always iron the scuba fabric at a lower setting.
    3. Avoid hanging it while drying.

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