A Complete Guide to Velvet Fabric

Popular for appealing and feeling luxurious, the fabric velvet has been utilized across the world for centuries. And it also seems to have grown in popularity for both home and clothing items once again in recent years. If you were ever interested in how to combine velvet fabric into your decoration, don’t miss the chance now!

But before you work with this fabric, let us inform more about this high-quality velvet upholstery fabrics. With multiple colours and patterns available, taking a closer look at this fabric would be helpful for you.

So, let’s start!

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What Is Velvet?

The term or name "velvet" refers to the weave of the fabric, not the material. Generally speaking, velvet can be made of from varieties of fibres, in fact. While silk is the traditional fibre of velvet, it is now commonly made from some synthetic fibres, for example, polyester to add durability.

Velvet fabric is woven as a double cloth onto an exceptional loom. And the pile yarns are made from an additional set of warp yarns. And the cut ends of its pile create tufts on the surface that give lush texture when evenly sheared.

Why Velvet Is Great

  • Luxurious sheen
  • Soft, textured feel
  • Contemporary and stylish
  • Wide range of colours and patterns
  • Cotton and synthetic velvets are durable
  • Silk velvets drape nicely

Common Uses of Velvet

  • Headboards
  • Curtains
  • Decorative accents and pillows
  • Bench and ottoman cushions
  • Formal and informal living area furniture
  • Bed skirts
  • Oversized floor pillows
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Types of Velvet

Let us warn you – don’t be fool by the delicate appearance! Not all velvet fabrics are the same. The materials can be anything from polyester, cotton to viscose.

Velvet fabric made from cotton is the most in durability and also known as “velveteen.”

Synthetic velvets are also durable, boast high double rubs.

Another variety of polyester velvet fabric is popular in India.

History of Velvet

Velvet fabric has had a long history that originated the way back to 2000 BCE in Egypt. After lots of evolution and understanding the demand, the velvet has gained the forms it now has.

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Drawbacks to Velvet

Let’s face it. Velvet can be strong enough for the regular home décor. However, it is significant to understand and remember that not all velvet fabrics are created equal. Though newer synthetic velvets often come with stain-resistant finishes, silk velvets are delicate.

Unlike other upholstery fabrics, you may not clean velvet daily or the same way. Certain velvets, depending on the material, are only for dry clean. And others have precise cleaning and care instructions. Be careful about these instructions while buying velvet fabric for your use.

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