A Whole Range of Men’s Styling Options With Ikat Fabric

Ikat is eternal love. And it is obvious from the huge demand for ikat fabric in the fashion industry. Fashion houses, in fact – huge global brands are using this traditional fabric for a contemporary look.

This fabric is there for centuries to design women’s all kinds of apparel, both traditional and contemporary. However, recently, many international fashion brands and designers have been seen experimenting with Ikat for men’s garments and several accessories.

It is Ikat‘s timeless craving that has made the pattern never go out of style of fashion. Anyway, take a glance at the upcoming paragraphs and understand how the ikat print is using as men’s apparel and accessories.

Ikat is so exceptional and mesmerizing, and because of this beauty, one can easily recognize this print even from a distance.

Check out the versatile use of Ikat for men’s fashion.

Ikat Fabrics

Shirts and T-shirts

Indigo and Ikat perfectly match seamlessly and create fashion items for women. But this combination just plays as perfect for men’s unique fashion shirts and T-shirts as well. Plus, it equally suits office as well as casual wear.

In case you are not likely to be a fan of prints, why not add fun to your solid shirts with patches of Ikat? Even small patches of Ikat on the downward or arm can make it look interesting.

Ikat Jackets

Fresh, vibrant and lively – are what defines style these days. And believe it or not, Ikat patterns are really the combination of these three. The print looks so vivid and fresh that fashion houses and brands use Ikat as the clothing line of sweaters and jackets.

And let us add, Ikat prints are now in demand for summer jackets. Ikat print for the jacket is just a SPLENDID combination of simplicity and elegance.

Half-open Ikat jacket.

Ikat fabric is exceptionally comfortable and breathable for the year around. So, one can go ahead with any design, whether he prefers stunning Ikat waistcoat jackets or Nehru collars, extended necklines, bright buttoning, pocket edges, etc.

Ikat Printed Shoes

Did you think Ikat prints are for clothing only? Well, Ikat prints look charming as footwear as any type of clothing stuff. Today, you can find many show brands are introducing Ikat patterned shoes in their collection.

And Ikat prints in casual sneakers are already in fashion for the last few years. Even international shoe brands also use Ikat as the show line for many years now.

Ikat Men Accessories

Definitely, Ikat is a versatile artist and looks great as bow-ties. So, next time you look to add some colours and boldness to your look, prefer Ikat bow-ties.

Other accessories to make from Ikat prints can be caps, hats, socks etc. Or you can choose an Ikat printed wallet, instead of the same black one. Maybe a single layer of Ikat printed fabric can spice up your style.

So, if you have become a fan of Ikat or you previously were and looking for men’s fashion options with Ikat prints, do not waste time. There is a huge range of Ikat prints and colours at Sahni Fabrics. Buy now!