An Expert’s Guide to Picking the Right type of Floral Print

Some trends timelessly are the popular choice with and without reason. Whatever, it means they are able to please generation after generation. And floral print is one of the trends that came long ago and is still a prime preference of people for varied garments.

Unlike many other prints, floral prints have so much variety and so the opportunity to get the more wrong of it. Are you one who often make a wrong selection when it comes to pattern or prints? Do you want to make the right selection of floral print? No worries! This blog is the ultimate guide you need to buy floral printed fabric. So, let’s start!

White And Multicolor Floral Design 3 Rayon Fabric
Choosing the Right Floral Print

So, what will you need to consider when making a choice about floral print? These are as below.

  • The Size of the Print
  • The Contrast of the Print
  • The Density of the Floral Print
  • Density and Scale of the Prints

Feeling overwhelmed by all these things to think about? Honestly, it’s tricky. But you can break it down with a kind of simple formula.


Let us ask you – what florals appeal to you visually? Remember, if you don’t like how a floral print looks, don’t choose it, no matter if it fits your other style rules.


Prefer the print according to the overall body scale and features. If you have a larger facial feature with a medium scale body, a larger scale print might work best with you. Else, stick with small or medium-sized floral prints to avoid being overwhelmed by the print. Unless, of course, you want to attract making your personality style DRAMATIC, breaking the scale rules, you can prefer it.


Pay attention to the contrast. Think about how to manipulate the high-value contrast print that the print doesn’t look so high. Do select it in the value, so it relates to the ideal value of you too. And even if you don’t generally prefer high contrast, you can wear it only on the lower half to manage the complete look.

The Density of Print:

Are you naturally slim? You can choose a more sparse print. However, pick a more compact print if you desire to use camouflage.


The color in print certainly relates to your natural coloring. There is no point in deciding on a print with more than 10% of wrong underdone. Unfortunately, you can find plenty of these mixed undertone prints during the selection process. Ideally, it is best to prefer a background (negative space) that is in a value that relates to your ideal value.


Do you desire to look modern and sophisticated? Well, choose a more stylised floral print as you improve throughout the years. Even a bolder floral print shows you more confidence.

Style of Garment:

Yepp! Last but not least. It is an important thing to think about lastly. What type of garment are you planning to make with floral fabric? A more dense print is ideal for a top that ted to be fitted. However, a floaty kimono-style garment requires a more sparse print, while a larger scale can also work well.

Multicolor Floral Design 21 Polyester Digital Print Fabric
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