An Introduction on Crepe Fabric – Different Types and Sewing Technique

Named after the texture, Crepe is a luxurious fabric traditionally made of silk. The crinkled and pebbled texture makes it different from other common clothing materials. The fabric might be stretchy and thus need special care while sewing. A wide variety of crepe fabric is available ranging from lightweight to heavyweight. Therefore, it’s used for making premium evening gowns, home décor elements, suits, and many more.

Crepe has a distinctive feature that comes from a bumpy and wrinkled appearance. It’s originally a French word that means a small and thin pancake. Made of natural fiber such as silk, wool, and cotton or synthetic fiber such as polyester, and rayon, etc, this fabric is known to all for its wrinkled texture. Nowadays, you can find polyester crepe fabric online in India for making fashionable attire. Whether woven or knit, crepe defines your clothing with its premiumness.

White And Black Polka Dots Design Polyester Crepe Fabric
Here, we are going to make a discussion on different types of crepe fabric-

  • Polyester crepe : Made of artificial synthetic fiber polyester, this variant is commonly known for its lightweight. Apart from that, it has a beautiful drape to use in the garments. Even, this fabric is often used for making dresses, blouses, and skirts.
  • Wool crepe : Known for rough and wiry surface, this fabric comes with a medium to lightweight texture. It is made from wool fabric and cotton or synthetic fabric. The weight makes it resist wrinkles and commonly, it is used to craft pants, suits and dresses.
  • Crepe georgette : Made from natural silk or artificial silk-like fibers, Crepe Georgette is soft and smooth as well. Little elasticity is there along with a nice drape which makes it the best fabric for making premium dresses.
  • Crepe-back satin : It’s a satin fabric with a smooth texture on one side and crinkled texture on the other side. This texture makes this fabric stand out of all with a distinctive look, feel, and texture.
  • Canton crepe : Traditionally, the crepe was made of silk in Canton province in China. The name of this fabric comes from there. This fabric is slightly heavier and popular for making chic dresses.
  • Crepe charmeuse : It’s silk fabric woven using premium satin weave methods with crepe twist yarns. Smooth texture and satin-like reflective elegant texture adds a definition to this fabric.

Sewing guide -

  • Polyester crepe is easy to sew so that begin your crepe journey by sewing this specific variant.
  • Consider lining up the fabric to keep a perfect eye on the grainline. Therefore, the fabric will not shift while cutting.
  • Follow pre-washing technique as instructed.
  • You need to work with single layers while cutting to avoid slipping.
  • Always use premium quality fabric to experience the smoothness and authentic rich texture.

Light Pink And Multicolor Stripe Design Polyester Crepe Fabric

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