An Introduction on Jacquard Fabric – A Premium Clothing Material

Different types of fabrics are there with diversified features. Jacquard is a special patterned fabric manufactured from a specific loom that is designed for velvet production. The unique specialty lies in its unique intricate woven pattern. Due to the premium characteristic features and texture, this fabric is highly demandable nowadays. Jacquard fabric is available in a wide variety of exclusive compositions, weight, and quality. Cotton, linen, viscose, and polyester are some of the most common compositions of jacquard fabric. However, if you want to purchase premium quality jacquard fabric for crafting beautiful upholstery, you must consider purchasing from a reputed seller.

Pink And Multicolor Abstract Design Polyester Jacquard Fabric
The unique features of jacquard fabric

Jacquard fabric is known widely for its luxurious, stylish, and elegant look. For the appealing view, it is commonly used to make curtains, upholstery, draperies, bed linen, premium home décor elements, and for the purpose of interior decoration. Not only durable but also this special type of fabric is available in different colours. Apart from crafting upholstery, jacquard is used for making spring and summer attires. The lightweight fabric is chosen for summer garments and heavyweight dress material is used for crafting winter wear. Since the clothing material is highly durable, you can use the dress for a long-lasting period.

Jacquard fabric comes in a comprehensive range of stripes, polka dots, patterns, woven designs, styles, and conversational themes. More than hundreds of warp threads are used to create extraordinary designs on jacquard fabric. Now, take a look at the next paragraph to know about the different compositions of jacquard fabric and its use.

Cotton  Known for its breathable texture, soft, opaque, and smooth finished look, this jacquard is used for making tops, shirts, dresses, pants, jackets, sweatshirts, blouses, etc. As cotton is a hypoallergenic and skin-friendly dress material, you’ll feel maximum comfort while wearing it.

Silk  Known for its elegant look and premium texture, silk is not only smooth but also glossy. The jacquard fabric where the primary composition remains silk can be worn in summer, spring, or any special occasion. Usually, it’s suitable for making scarves, dresses, shirts, ties, lingerie, tops, blouses, and lining of premium attires.

Wool  Best for winter months, it’s commonly used to make sweatshirts, cardigans, blazers, skirts, pants, coats, jackets, dresses, and garments for combating the cold. The soft yet cozy texture makes it an excellent combination for designing winter garments.

Linen – It can be worn in both spring and summer due to its lightweight, soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and smooth texture. Dresses, jackets, tops, pants, skirts, and wraps can be made of this specific composition.

Golden And Red Floral Design Polyester Jacquard Fabric
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