An introduction to Crepe Fabric & its Characteristics

Do you know about a fabric that is premium in texture and looks eye-appealing at the same time? The quality of fabric plays a significant role for the look, style, and durability of the fabric. crepe is a commonly used fabric originally made of silk. For its texture, it is often used in high-class fashion and to make different types of decorative and fashionable clothing. Let’s find more info about crepe fabric.

Different processes include making the crepe fabric. Weaving is a distinctive and exclusive feature of this textile and both natural and artificial fibers are used for making crepe fabric. The yarn of crepe fabric needs a special process also which is called hard twisting. In this process, the textile fibers are twisted for yarn manufacturing. Along with these, here, ‘S’ and ‘Z’ twisted are used alternatively to make the yarn look bouncy and add a distinctive texture to it. After the manufacturing process, the yarn of crepe is dyed, treated through several processes, and spun into clothes that bring a definition to your style.

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The materials used in making crepe fabric

Originally silk was used to make crepe, but now it is made from natural fibers like cotton and wool and synthetic fibers like polyester and elastane. The fabric is versatile for its basic properties and its features make it popular in the modern textile industry. The crinkled texture and amazing wrinkled appearance are the prime features that make it stand out from all.

Nowadays, polyester crepe is used mostly in the textile industry due to its high demand as it is comfortable to wear and also resistant to wrinkles. However, before buying crepe, you need to know more about its characteristic features. Let’s move on to the next passage to explore the characteristics features of the crepe.

The characteristics of crepe fabric

  • Organic crepe is breathable so that comfortable to wear even in high temperatures.
  • The moisture-wicking feature of crepe makes it suitable to wear in a warmer climate.
  • The 3D texture of the crepe adds a dimension to the fabric which is an exclusive feature.
  • The drape of crepe fabric makes it a perfect clothing material for formal wear and attires for a special occasion.

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