An Introduction to the Finest And Exclusive Ikat Fabric- Its Weaving Process And Features

India is the home to exclusive fabrics and textiles that come with different patterns, textures, hues, and designs. All these have enriched the textile industry of India and made it famous across the globe. Ikat fabrics is one of the handwoven and traditional fabrics known for its unmatched elegance, versatility, and ethnic look. Making this fabric is an intense and intricate process that can amaze you. The technique of making Ikat was derived from an ancient artwork which is called Mengikat. The meaning of this word is to tie which indicates the process. Let’s know about Ikat, a special fabric in this blog.

Black And Off White Abstract Cotton Ikat Fabric
The process of making Ikat

The fabrics used to make Ikats are cotton and silk. The process which is followed to produce Ikat is known as resist dyeing. the threads such as warps and weft are woven in such a way that the colours never get mixed with each other. After that, the threads are fastened on a wooden frame for dyeing. This process is followed by a very intricate and labour intense weaving technique that helps the yarns to get converted into premium and finest quality Ikat fabric. Natural plant-based colours are used while dyeing the fabric and at last, Ikat appears with soothing texture, appealing colours, and unique patterns. Since the fabric is designed with vertical symmetry, it looks like similar patterned on each side.

The characteristic features of Ikat fabric

A special dyeing technique has given birth to Ikat which stands out of all for its design, pattern, and elegant look. The characteristics of this fabric lie in its apparent blurriness and the unique design of the surface. The blurriness of this fabric is the effect of the dyed yarns which are lined up to make the patterns appear beautifully and perfectly on the cloth.

However, this blurriness can be decreased by using finer quality yarns, or else, the skilled craftsmen are able to do it. But, do you know that blurriness of Ikat makes it different from other fabrics? Little blurry Ikat fabrics which are available with numerous colours, designs, and patterns are more expensive than other clothing materials. Now, let’s come to know about the different types of Ikat fabrics.

Black And White Ikat Design Rayon Fabric
Introducing the different types of Ikat fabric

Warp Ikat – Longitudinal or lengthwise yarns are called Warp Yarns. These yarns are dyed with authentic Ikat technique and even before weaving, the pattern of Ikat gets visible through the yarns.

Weft Ikat – These are the vertical set of yarns that run along with the Ikat fabric. In this type of yarn, the pattern becomes apparent while the weaving process proceeds.

Double Ikat – It’s an exemplary and one of the most significant achievements in the textile art form. Double Ikat style is formed when both warp and weft patterns overlap and the design becomes visible.

Key takeaway

So, isn’t Ikat an exclusive fabric? Think once and buy the premium quality Ikat to experience the authentic design, texture, and pattern. To buy the finest quality Ikat, place your order at Sahni Fabrics. Visit their website now and purchase with attractive deals.