Care for Your Cotton Clothing With These Simple Tips

Needless to describe HOW MUCH love cotton fabric has achieved from people and vice-versa. Comfort is the most remarkable factor when it comes to cotton clothing. Its breathability, heat and aspirant absorbency, and the way it keeps the wearer cool is fabulous. Moreover, the durability, environmentally-friendly quality, and the opportunity of custom printing are all to make cotton the MOST POPULAR FABRIC WORLDWIDE. Especially during the summer days, nothing can beat the relaxation you can get with cotton.

But…you have to understand that cotton can easily be worn out without proper care. And with the precise treatment besides a bit of TLC, you can expect your cotton apparel to last long, smell great and remain unstained!

Below are 5 simple tips to care for your cotton clothing.

1. Discolouration

So, what is the best way to keep cotton clothing from bleeding its colour? No worries! We will not suggest any complicated process with several steps. Simply hand wash your cotton clothes in cold water. And when using a washing machine, it is good to use colour catching sheets.

2. Stain treatment

Use a colour safe stain stick/remover and pre-treat your cotton apparel in the particular regions. Pay extra attention to the areas that are more exposed or closed to sweat production and antiperspirant apart from the stain spots. This way, combat stain and body odours together.

Coffee or wine stain?

Be sure to run the spot under a cold tap from behind the stain for about 3-5 minutes and gently rub the stain. For old stains, rub a good liquid laundry detergent in a small amount, leave it for 5-7 minutes to set, then gently rub the stain and rinse with cold water.

3. Drying, shrinkage and stretching

Let us tell you if you don’t know. Cotton tends to shrinks on the first wash. Make sure to read the care labels for cleaning and washing instructions before soaking your new cotton garment in soap water.

Be sure to avoid drying the cloth on the washing line since hanging can cause stretch out this fabric.

When using the tumble dryer, take out your cotton outfit while it is yet a little damp. Allow the remaining moisture to air-dry gradually.

4. Ironing and creasing

Well, cotton is a pretty tough fabric. So, you can iron it at a higher temperature without the threat of burning or shininess.

For a smoother or neater look, make sure to iron the inside or back as well as the surface or outside. To eliminate creases during ironing, start from the back first. If you find any pre-existing narks/stains, avoid the area.

Cotton easily catches creases. Hence, the ideal way to store is to hang it up instead of folding it. And use thick shaped hangers over wire ones to keep the best shape of your cotton clothing.

5. Don’t let your clothes be eaten

You have just read the right – EATEN! (By silverfish and moths)

Don’t leave your cotton garments unwashed lying around for too long, and declutter your wardrobe.

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