Everything You Want To Know About Rayon Fabric

Rayon is a widely used special fabric. People love to wear clothes made of rayon because it is as good as cotton and feels as soft as silk. Hence, it is not unreasoning why rayon was formerly called "artificial silk."

What MORE to know about rayon? Of course, that’s not all! There is more to know about rayon fabric. And this blog is the opportunity to learn as much as possible about this popular fabric. So, let’s start.

What is rayon?

Rayon is one type of fabric made from semi-synthetic fibre. It makes the fabric soft and comfortable. Since the fabric also has a deluxe appearance, it is widely used in the fashion industry for years. Because of the luxury and comfort, this fabric has turned out as one of the most desirable combinations.

Benefits of rayon

The most important benefits of rayon include:
  • Rayon is soft and thus comfortable to wear
  • It has a luxurious and beautiful appearance
  • It is one of those fabrics that absorbs water and moist well and remains airy and cool even in the warm weather
  • Rayon is capable to retain its colour and shape well.
  • More importantly, rayon is wrinkle-free
Disadvantages of rayon

Well, everything comes with pros and cons, and rayon fabric is not exceptional. Here are a few disadvantages of this fabric.
  • Rayon shrinks fast. So be careful while washing this fabric.
  • This fabric becomes less strong when it is wet.
  • It isn’t stretchable.
  • Rayon is not sustainable.
How to wash, dry and iron rayon?

Since rayon shrinks quickly pay much attention while washing this fabric.

Don’t soak or wash this fabric in too hot water. Prefer a silk or wool wash program (maximum 30 degrees). Don’t forget to check the label for the exact washing instructions! Sometimes the best way is to wash the fabric by hand.

Though the fabric can be tumble-dried but avoid too hot. Unless it may shrink.

Iron rayon only with a low temperature.

Using rayon for clothing

This dear fabric is majorly used for skirts, tunics and dresses, but also ideal for lingerie, children's clothing and shirts. This fabric functions great as a lining material too.

It means you can go in any direction with rayon!

Printing Rayon fabric

Rayon is a suitable fabric for printing. It is well-known for retaining colour well.

If you want your own design on your rayon clothing, fortunately, it is possible. So, don’t worry! If you are planning custom cloth for yourself or gift anyone.

Is rayon sustainable?

We have already mentioned that rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric. And it, therefore, has a durable side as well as a less durable side. This fabric is biodegradable. The raw materials of this fabric are renewable, namely cellulose from wood. Hence, the production of rayon doesn’t contribute to the plastic soup like some other fabrics.

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