Have a tour of the Festive Fall Season and the Fashion in India

India and Festivals – it’s like a body with the bloodstream. Festivals do not only call for cultural and religious offerings. But are also known for the biggest reasons of family gatherings. Often festivals are synonymous with good food, fun, laughter, and more importantly, the opportunity to flaunt the taste of fashion to the new generation. The whole nation seems to be in a fascination full of love, happiness, and celebration, an exhibition that must not be missed for the whole world!

Festivals flow like brushstrokes on the canvas of “unity in diversity”. Therefore, the way of celebrating Dussehra, Navaratri, Durga Puja and Diwali might seem different. They are celebrated with the greatest joy forgetting the boundaries of the states.

Durga Puja

The essence of Fall-Festive Month

The immediate after the fall season is celebrated across the nation as the victory of good over evil. The eastern part of India observes Durga Puja, where Maa Durga puts the Mahishasura to the end of his life, and the western part celebrates Ram Lila. Here people celebrate the joy of Lord Ram by killing Ravana.

Whatever the festival is called by the locals, the pandles, the decoration, music and lighting encourage people to be in the mood of joy and be dressed, especially for the festival. And that’s where fashion is something matters to everyone regardless of age.

Indian Festive Fashion

Clothes represent one’s personality which gets modified as the season and occasion change. When it comes to celebration, the attire takes the mode of walking fiesta. Women always prefer gorgeous sarees, suits, lehengas, and elaborate Ghaghra cholis for a festive mood. And men switch to the style with dhoti-kurtas, kurta-pyjamas, and sherwanis too. To create a top impression in the game of fashion for this festive season, get to know about unfurl festive trends.

Intricate Embroideries:

Cream And Gold Floral Design Polyester Net Embroidered Fabric

An embroidery is always a go-to option just restored the belief with designers transporting excellent design with their crafting skill. If you are with a more traditionalist mind and prefer contemporary realm or colourful Gamthi embroidery outfit, you can opt for a net embroidered ensemble, for example, a cape or saree.

Male fashion is mostly rich in this group with kurta pyjama designs and breathtaking sherwanis. Sequin outfit can bring your sparkle, and then Velvet Embroidery can be your best friend if you are the extra kind.

Exquisite Silks:

Cream And Blue Abstract Design Tussar Silk Fabric

Silks display an aura of luxury and a suitable choice, as well, for grand occasions. And in India, nothing seems bigger than Durga Puja or Diwali. India is popular as a producer of over 17,000 tons of silk. So, obviously, there has no shortage of variety or quantity, making silk the most out of it!

And there is plenty of opportunities when it comes to getting your own fashion in silk no only for women. But also men. From a sleek Nehru jacket, a silk blazer to silk kurta-pyjamas, there are lots of options.

The options also include Ethereal Ikat, Labrythine Kalamkari, Supple Satins, Spirited Jacquard and more.

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