Processing Cotton Fibre to Quality and Sustainable Cotton Fabric

Cotton – the most comfortable fabric – is as old as civilization and growing across the world in many regions for thousands of decades. Nowadays, cotton supports a range of disposable and durable products. When cotton becomes the subject of conversation, many of us close our eyes and think of the relaxation their 100% cotton outfits provide and its durability. Often, cotton clothes last for a lifetime. Others may imagine their hygiene and personal care products, maybe cotton balls, cotton swabs, baby diapers, tampons, and all they use daily and frequently.

But... wait! The opportunity of using quality and sustainable cotton products is not as easy as it sounds. Go through the upcoming passages for details.

Supply Chain Built to Provide Quality and Sustainability

Not all cotton is as good as it need to generate eminent quality cotton fabric. Some multi-generational farmers have committed to harvest responsibly and supply first-rate cotton, day in and day out. They take pride in having the knowledge, helping them grow cotton that will eventually be used in making great fabric and subsequently, clothes. It is, therefore, high-grade farming that matters a lot.

Farmers practise a sustainable farming process for each crop to ensure conserving energy and preserving water and soil. The crafting is highly sophisticated. Plus, the latest technology helps them supply good cotton besides improving and preserving the environmental footprint of cotton and continuing to strengthen.

Sustainable Farming Methods

Presently, cotton is cultivated in hundreds of countries around the world following various farming methods. However, the best one is the organic farming process embraced by a growing number of small farms in a couple of countries. They have replaced artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides with natural fertilizers (chicken litter, cow manure), biological pest control and techniques such as crop rotation and isolation.

In traditional farming for cotton, producers achieve higher yields in smaller acres farmed. And at the same time, reduce the amount of chemical compounds used for hardier plan development by genetic adjustment and reducing water usage. Producers are experts in implementing precision agriculture, advanced farming equipment and leveraging soil agronomy data for the focused application of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

We, Sahni Fabrics, have developed a professional relationship with those farmers, ensure high-grade cotton yield. This way, we can offer our customers quality and sustainable cotton fabrics. With any queries about our cotton fabrics, feel free to call at +919312262774 or email at We will be happy to answer you!