Scuba Fabric – The Latest Fashion Dress Material

The name of scuba fabric makes an individual think about a very popular water sports activity called Scuba Diving. This fabric comes with exclusive features and a completely different sewing technique. All these make it stand apart from other common fabrics. To beginner sewers, scuba fabric often creates confusion. However, let’s keep all your confusion at bay as we are going to make a detailed discussion on scuba fabric.

Scuba fabric is a double knit clothing material that is generally made from synthetic polyester. Commonly, the fashion experts choose it to craft dancewear, party wear, leggings, and dresses for easy and carefree maintenance. But, while sewing scuba fabric, a lot of precautions need to be taken, such as the use of a ballpoint needle and larger stitches. Now, let’s take a closer look at scuba fabric.

Multicolor Jaguar Design Polyester Scuba Fabric

Difference between Scuba and Neoprene fabric

Scuba and neoprene both are different fabrics but most people have a confusion regarding these two. So, here, we help you find out the primary differences between scuba and neoprene fabric.

Neoprene Fabric

It’s a spongy and artificial rubber substance that is sandwiched between two different fabrics. Neoprene is typically made of nylon or polyester. Sometimes, elastine or spandex is combined to enhance the flexibility of this fabric. While using in making a wetsuit, this stretchable quality helps an individual to move easily. Therefore, swimsuits are made of neoprene fabric which offers effortless swimming ability.

There is a wide variety available in neoprene fabric. Some are nylon coated neoprene whereas others are polyester coated neoprene.

Scuba Fabric

Scuba is a neoprene-type fabric but different from neoprene. Scuba fabric is well-spun polyester with lycra or spandex for double knit. It’s a technique where two fabrics are carefully knitted together to make a brilliant effect. Though double knit, scuba is thinner, flexible, and has a smooth surface with a springy feel. Along with that Scuba fabric offers a better drape ability.

Like Neoprene fabric, Scuba is not breathable and as a result, it makes a person feel warm while wearing the dresses made of it. Hence, Scuba fabric is never suggested to be used for making summer attires. Since this fabric holds its actual shape, it is considered to be a wonderful feature to use for making jacket, top, winter dress, skirt, and swimwear.

Nowadays, printed scuba fabric is also available with an attractive look and premium quality. Most commonly, the body-hugging dresses are made of scuba fabric which everyone will like to wear. Even, for the floaty effect, Scuba fabric is a great choice to make plus-size dresses.

When it comes to embroidery, both Neoprene and Scuba can be taken. But, you need to follow the proper sewing guide as neoprene and scuba are different from each other.

Multicolor Animal Design Polyester Scuba Fabric
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