Scuba Fabric – The Ultimate Guide For Sewing

Each fabric comes with different sewing techniques and it should be known to a dressmaker and seamstress. Scuba fabric stands out of all for its smooth texture and premium gauge thread. The fabric is not springy but also lightweight so that comfortable to wear. Similar to the well-known Lycra, Scuba has a crepe-like texture.

In the fashion industry, Scuba fabric is famous for being sturdy and stylish. The fabric also creates professional-quality dresses and it does not even need lining, or extra finishing, or hemming. You might have mistaken it with your scuba diving suit but it’s different from that suit. Scuba fabric comes with a brightly coloured finish and flexible texture. However, here, we are going to discuss the sewing tips and techniques to follow for crafting attire from scuba fabric. Let’s move on to the next part of this blog to know about it.

Green Animal Design Polyester Scuba Fabric
What is Scuba Fabric? How is it made of?

A little brief on the fabric will help you know about the sewing guide well. Scuba fabric is a special kind of double knit element containing spandex and polyester. The word double knit means that Scuba was designed and crafted with multiple sets of special needles and at the same time, it connects two different layers of fabric. For sure, it sounds very amazing. Previously, the Scuba knit fabric was crafted to be similar to the traditional neoprene. Since it is double layered, it is thicker than other dress materials and as well as stable than other clothing elements.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, Scuba fabric is delicate and needs attention while sewing. Here is the guide to follow for sewing.

Sewing tips to follow for Scuba Fabric

Tips 1 – Follow the basic rule

At first, you need to make sure the purpose of choosing scuba fabric as dress material. As it is warm in nature, you must opt for it for winter garments only. Start the sewing process by pre-washing your scuba fabric before you take the measurements. Pre-washing will help you avoid shrinkage issues while sewing.

Tips 2 – Don’t make hurry

While sewing Scuba fabric, do slowly. In case, if you make any error, you can unpick the wrong stitches. However, a famous proverb says that practice makes a person perfect. Therefore, don’t need to get worried. Gradually, you will overcome stitching-related errors.

Tips 3 – Use hands for trimming

Instead of using a knife, use your hands for trimming as it would make the process easier.

Tips 4 – Raw edges are ok

You can leave the raw edges unfinished as Scuba knits do not need to be unraveled. So, leave the hems and seams as it is.

Tips 5 – Be aware of heat

Scuba fabric is not heatproof and highly sensitive to heat and temperature so that you must be very careful while ironing it. Due to high heat, this fabric may get melted.

Multicolor Peacock Feathers Design Polyester Scuba Fabric
Key Takeaway

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