Why Cotton is The Most Popular Fabric in the World?

Did you know that half of the total fabric production in the whole world is cotton? Have you ever wondered what makes cotton so popular? In this blog, we will discuss ‘Cotton,’ the most preferable fabric.

Cotton is being used for thousands of years for a multitude of purposes. This fabric is created by the flower of plant called ‘Cotton.’ The natural fibre is put through a special machine to separate its usable lint from seeds. The final product is a strong material suitable to manufacture clothes. And in the end, you get cotton fabric online in India.

White And Green Polka Dots Design Cotton Cambric Fabric

There are numerous reasons why the majority prefer cotton as the best clothing fabric.


Cotton is enormously popular as breathable fabric and great perspiration and heat absorbent. It allows passing the air through the fabric to the outside. It means 100% cotton cloth will keep you comfortable and cool even if it is summer heat outside. This fabric can retain 25-27 times the weight in water.

What’s more? Pure cotton cloth is soft and doesn’t irritate the skin. And more importantly, it feels luxurious than other fabrics.


A key reason custom apparel companies choose cotton for cloth designing is its tough quality. People, who work long hours in intensive jobs, for instance, professional kitchen, factory or a host of manual roles, need clothing resistance to wear and tear. And cotton is the best pick for this eminence.

Additionally, the molecular construction of cotton means it actually gets stronger when wet instead of becoming weaker.

Wash and Wear

Unlike wool and the same kind of fabrics, cotton clothes can be washed again and again without worrying about getting damaged. You can wash it regularly and yet find it in the same condition as before. As cotton can stand up even to high temperature, it is no issue to iron it without compromising the comfort and look. In addition, it is available as a cheap fabric online in India from the aspect of price.

Hence, it is clear that cotton is strong and long-lasting even after washing and wearing time after time.

Custom Printing

Cotton is known for its durability as well as for its excellent screen-printing surface. And this has made cotton preferable to most custom apparel decorators. Let us tell you, cotton is a dense fabric making it better ink absorbent compare to fabrics, such as polyester. This way, cotton garments (t-shirts) get logos that look sharper and clearer.

Bleeding, where colour or dye runs while printing, is much less an issue for cotton.

Environmentally Friendly

While no large-scale fabric manufacture is 100% eco-friendly, cotton comes quite close. As cotton plants regrow, it is a renewable source of the material. Organic cotton is getting prevalent meaning pesticides, or any harmful chemicals are not used on the plants.

Grey And White Booti Design Cotton Cambric Fabric

So, no wonder these are the reasons, including versatility and comfortability of this fabric, cotton is the most favourite fabric to most people.

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