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Printed Rayon Fabric

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    Rayon fabric is a versatile and long-lasting material that is used throughout the world. This fabric is a remarkable blend of natural materials, such as silk and cotton, blended in a synthetic technique to create a moisture-wicking, lightweight, and soft fabric ideal for several applications. Shop Rayon fabric online now and get all types of rayon at your fingertips without any inconvenience. This incredibly breathable fabric is available online and can uplift your outfit.

    Different Types of Printed Rayon Fabric

    1. Viscose Rayon- When it comes to fabric, Viscose Rayon is an illustrious option. This material is a semi-synthetic option that is created from wood pulp. Traditionally, this fabric was produced from silk, but wood has been used as an alternative in today's manufacturing processes.
    It can be utilized for several applications ranging from corded rope to clothing. It's ideal for making blouses, dresses, and jackets.

    2. Modal Rayon- While a Viscose Rayon is made from wood pulp and is planned to be a silk replacement, the modal fabric is made from a combination of raw materials. This material is blended with fibers like cotton or spandex to assemble a substantial yet artificial material. These fibers are used in several applications, from towels to undergarments and Pyjamas. This fabric is reliable and often more durable than cotton fabric alone. It's considered a luxury fabric and textile, so it's sold at a higher price.

    3. Lyocell Rayon- The special Lyocell Rayon features a beech tree and supersedes material blend. The dissimilarity between Lyocell Rayon and the modal fabric is that less complex chemicals are used. This unique feature makes the fabric more delicate and fluffier, making the process and the end product more environmentally pleasant. Compared to other rayon types, Lyocell is the most porous. This feature is ideal for clothing applications that wick the moisture away from the body, keeping a person clear and dry.






    Floral Design Rayon

    Floral Design


    White & Multicolor Abstract Design

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    Multicolor Abstract Design

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    Black & White Triangle Design Rayon Crepe

    Triangle Design


    Beige & Black Floral Design Rayon Crepe

    Floral Design


    White & Multicolor Abstract Design Rayon Crepe

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    Multicolor Abstract Design Rayon Crepe

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    Cream & Multicolor Floral Design Rayon Crepe

    Floral Design


    White & Purple Abstract Design Rayon Crepe

    Abstract Design


    Black & White Elephant Design Rayon Crepe

    Animal Design


    Multicolor Floral Design Rayon Crepe

    Floral Design


    Black Abstract Design Rayon Crepe

    Abstract Design


    Light Blue Abstract Design Rayon Crepe

    Abstract Design


    Light Brown & White Abstract Design Rayon Crepe

    Abstract Design


    Black & Blue Abstract Design Rayon Crepe

    Abstract Design

    How To Care For Rayon Cloth Material

    1. An essential rule when caring for your rayon fabric is – 'Obey the label.' There are diverse types of Rayon; while some may be dry-cleaned, others may be sufficient for machine washing.
    2. Most rayon apparels are appropriate for hand washing with cold water and soft detergent. Be very delicate when washing Rayon, and avoid using hot water.
    3. Some rayon blends can be machine washed but operate in a delicate setting. Your pretty rayon dress can be destroyed if you pass it with your jeans.
    4. Don't hang rayon clothes while drying. They lose their form quickly. Flat or line drying is the most promising way to dry rayon clothes.
    5. Avoid using metal hangers for your rayon clothes, as they get rust spots quickly.
    6. Never turn or wrench the fabric. If required, try using a towel or any other porous cloth to extract excess water.

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    Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric with a durable and less stable side. This fabric is biodegradable, and the materials of this fabric are renewable. Hence, the production of Rayon doesn't contribute to a plastic hash like other fabrics. So, if you are Looking for an online store to buy Rayon fabric in India, Then Sahni Fabrics is a one-stop solution for various materials, including Rayon. You can contact us at +919911739929 or for any specific query.